Scott Greenlee

“Birthplace II”
Acrylic, PVC, 34” x 36” x 18”

The best place for our grandchild Daniel to be born was at home. It was my daughter's second natural water home birth. The town clerks were also very excited when they delivered his birth certificate at the Hague Town Office. They hadn't registered a new life in more than 80 years.

Artist Bio

Scott's aesthetic sensibility was formed as a CIA Illustration Major, 1979-1984. His 37-year career as a graphic design professional now positions him as Graphic Design Manager at the New York Power Authority. Residing in the Northeast, excursions to Acadia National Park, the Adirondacks and White Mountains; and coastal sea kayaking have inspired much of his painting. He is a husband of one, father of three, and grandfather of two.


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