Michael Tharp

Acrylic paint on wood panel, 20” x 22”

Artist Bio

I came of age as an artist in a time of war and protest. And at graduation in 1970, I protested against art itself, became a punk rocker in a performance-art group called Tight Thighs, and when I’d finished with all that madness, my rage could only be expressed in tiny collages that traveled with me like nomads. Eventually, I came to a stop, married, and took a job with a major corporation doing graphic design and video production. In 2014 I picked up where I’d left off in 1970 and began participating in shows with socio-political themes. I want my art to be a documentation of contemporary dysfunction, revealing the starkness of human suffering and social unrest as a legitimate agent of change. Oftentimes, I see the serious issues of the day through the lens of irony and humor as if stuck in a ridiculous collage

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