Kiara Pelissier

“Aqua Blue Crumple”
Blown glass 9” x 12” x 10”

This body of work called “Crumples,” addresses a search for balance within myself, a balance between my demand for control and my need to let go. It is a search for a new type of perfection, one that embraces the natural ebb and flow of our energy. As I was developing this series, I thought a lot about how the human body is mostly water yet needs structure to avoid collapse. I thought about how strong and independent we might become, yet how vulnerable we continue to remain. My work focuses on the movement of liquid and the living, and throughout my process I pay particular attention to fluid and still lines, translucency and density, contour and interior, tension and release.

Artist Bio

Kiara Pelissier received her BFA from CIA in 2000, and her Masters degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Richmond in 2006. Her one-of-a-kind glass pieces and limited-edition series can be found in private homes nationally, in the Museum of American Glass in New Jersey, and at Capital One Bank, Markel Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Kiara currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.


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