Kathryn Vajda

“Avon 1.24.20 melt”
Archival ink jet on watercolor paper, 45” x 23.5”

The work is material-based using snow, ice, and water. The icescapes are simulated cities constructed of snow and ice using plastic packaging containers as molds. The disposable packaging is a reference to an unsustainable use of resources and its impact on the climate. All the cities are constructed for the purpose of being photographed and printed as large format digital prints.

Artist Bio

Kathryn Vajda was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in Printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA in Printmaking from Indiana University in Bloomington. She is Assistant Clinical Professor of Art at Alfred University in the divisions of Expanded Media and Drawing and Painting. The “Snow City” and “Ice” prints have been most recently exhibited in Flickering At The Edge of Anthropocene at Blockfort Gallery in Columbus, Ohio (2020), Mounds, Piles, & Massing at Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University (2019), and Fractured Habitats at AC Gallery in Beijing, China (2019).

Website: kathrynvajda.com

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