Georgio Sabino III

“Birds & Butterflies II”

Digital Art, 18” x 24”

“Birds and Butterflies II” is about the artistic jungle living all around us. The piece explores death and vibrancy of life by using color, shape and imagination. This new work explores what I enjoy the most “the outdoors.”  When you are in nature, you can discover so much. The depiction of the hummingbird shows off its color and brilliancy that life brings.

Artist Bio

I am the chief visionary and prime strategist for GS3. I enjoy drawing lines, creating shapes and exploring polyrhythmic identity. I explore the art world by uncovering “educational genocide” and the lack truth. My work is balanced with cultural sensitivity and the empathetic understanding that we can make a beautiful world. I love being a dreamer!


CIA Alumni               ︎               ︎               ︎