Emily H. Phillips

“Black Oak Leaf with Insect Damage, Pendant”
Brass, sterling silver, 24k gold leaf, 4” x 3”

This work explores the effects that disease or insects have on the aesthetic quality of plants, and questions objective botanical beauty. Utilizing precious metals or gemstones to highlight the affected area of the plant, brings attention and perceived value to the abnormalities that would otherwise be considered defect.

My work is functional as wearable jewelry, but I also aim to not just copy and recreate nature, but to celebrate the qualities of plant life that may be underrated or unnoticed. 

Artist Bio

Since graduating from the Cleveland Institute of art in 2014, I have continued to make and sell my jewelry, learn new metalsmithing techniques, and explore new concepts and themes in my work. I have also recently found a new way of life and a new career with my husband, as a farmer of pastured poultry and grass-fed lamb, utilizing regenerative agriculture and sustainable practices, in central MN. Since moving to the country, my work has focused more and more on the connected world of plants and insects.

Website: fulcrumjewelrystudio.com

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