Barbara Bachtell  

“Speech Leaf I”

Mixed media drawing, 12” x 20” x 6”

This piece is one of a series in which I worked over text to break up the familiar linear structure that we read to derive meaning, and to create over it a new visual image that grows from—yet still hints at its original text “armature”. The actual text underlying this piece is a repeated phrase from 45's 2017 Inauguration speech. My strong negative visceral reaction upon hearing the speech's hollow rhetoric compelled me to try to neutralize it for myself through this process of textual transformation.

Artist Bio

Barbara Bachtell grew up in Northeast Ohio, Pittsburgh, and New Mexico. She has a BA in art from Wesleyan University (CT), and a BFA in painting from Cleveland Institute of Art. She has incorporated both text elements and organic forms into her work for many years and is a published poet and writer, as well as a visual artist.


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