Alexander Sierputowski

“The Martian”
Digital painting, luster print, 24” x 36”

“What would humans look like if they acclimated to the Martian atmosphere?”

This was inspired by SpaceX’s and Tesla Motors’ developments in space technology and the feats they are attempting to achieve to get there. Tall Martian skyscrapers and abstract humanoids reside on the reddish landscape. A bleak, but livable existence on another planet shows us what our future may look like in this science fictional landscape.

Artist Bio

Alexander Sierputowski is a Cleveland game designer looking to build and create new experiences through creative and innovate interactive art works. He creates conceptual art for board games and publishes through his company, GameDirection, with a goal of supporting creative individuals. GameDirection has worked on many projects that have been showcased at PAX East, Gen Con, Origins Game Fair, and many more traveling shows.


CIA Alumni               ︎               ︎               ︎